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"Words, words, words."
— Hamlet

"What is conceived well is expressed clearly, And the words to say it with arrive with ease."
— Nicolas Boieau, L'Art poétique, 1674

"Coffee falls into the stomach ... ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop ... the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similes arise, the paper is covered with ink...."
— Honore de Balzac


Because life is like a simile

As a writer, I've seen my work appear in a colorful variety of venues and media: presented on paper in magazines and on bookstore shelves, visualized via CD-ROMs and videos (knowing that hundreds of thousands of people internationally have watched Patrick Stewart speak my words is a forgivable thrill), celestially dramatized in vast multimedia "star theaters," glowing in museums, even (oh, but of course) empixelated on the Web.

Click the images to jump to pages devoted to the work that has thrilled me the most or been the most useful to my professional life. Some entries are anecdotally annotated.


Fiction: From Alice to Zero-G Fiction
Sometimes I completely make up stuff and somebody buys it. It's a good feeling.

Astronomy: All the Stars a StageAstronomy
I've been fortunate in being able to enjoy a career that blends many of my passions — writing, astronomy, education, theater, show production.... There's an unsung creative medium out there, an active canvas that integrates good science, imagination, theater, creativity, narrative, media technology, art, photography, music — plus that elusive sense of wonder which comes from discovering how way cool the Universe really is. That canvas is the planetarium dome.


Video: On a Small Screen Near You Video
Both science and science fiction have found a home in the video scripts I've been hired to write. If you've experienced the internationally touring Star Trek: Federation Science, you've seen some of these.


Museums: Boldly Going Museums
No matter what the medium is, my dedicated goal is to inspire as well as educate, to instill in the audience the desire to continue exploring on their own the topics illuminated. To evoke as well as inform. In my work for museums, my overarching philosophy is that the material should connect with you on an emotional as well as intellectual level. After all, knowledge is no more just a collection of facts than a house is just a pile of bricks and lumber.


Corporate, PR, & Other Assorted Pixel-PushingCorporate, PR, & Other Assorted Pixel-Pushing
It's not just the experience, it's also the company you keep. Here's an overview of tech-sector, PR, and similar work that has been my pleasure to provide. This isn't an exhaustive list, though it hits some favorite highlights.


Movies, etc.: Spinning Tales Movies
I'm a writer who likes movies. So these pieces, in their venues' various lengths and formats, run the gamut from review and commentary to simply yours truly chatting (in, one hopes, an entertaining fashion) about releases that I think are worth spending time with. Or, in at least one case, about movies that just make me pig-biting mad.


and Stuff: Gallimaufry & salmagundi ... and Stuff: Gallimaufry & salmagundi
Assorted things that I like to keep around but that don't as easily sort into the other buckets.